We are grateful beyond words.

From March 2009 to November 2014, we were blessed to have the opportunity to serve an amazing collection of clients.  Their trust in our team enabled us to achieve great things for all involved. We helped them grow their businesses and survive during one of our nation’s worst economic climates.  Our tenure saw the dramatic rise of digital marketing, the evolution of search engine optimization, and the absolute necessity of marketing budget maximization in a way that has not been witnessed since the 1930s. Along the way, together, we adapted to the changing environment, developed leaner and meaner marketing tactics, evolved the role of strategic planning in marketing and advertising, and even won a few awards for marketing strategy and design.

And as we all know, the only constant in the universe is change.

This is why your friends at Scott Advertising, Inc. have chosen to pursue our own individual paths and take all that we’ve learned in different exciting directions.  While our current clients (and the vast majority of our former clients) have received notification of our closure, we are maintaining this page and our email addresses for the purpose of continuity of communication until January 1, 2018.  If you already have our contact information, please reach out at your convenience and we will respond with our updated contact information.  If not, well, there’s always LinkedIn, right?

Thank you all so much for your trust and loyalty throughout these years.  We cannot express the depth of the gratitude we feel for having the honor of working with you.


Mary Scott, Bill Scott, and the entire Scott Advertising, Inc. team.


P.S. If you’re looking for the excellent food marketing folks based in Milwaukee, WI, they’re alive and well and can be reached at this site:  http://www.scottadv.com/ (True story: They received an RFP that was meant for our firm once. Instead of trying to take the job for themselves, they called us for our fax number and forwarded the job on to our team. If that’s not an endorsement for integrity, nothing is.)