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Welcome to Scott Advertising

We can get your marketing efforts from Point A to Point B. We're an award-winning marketing and communications agency based in Metro Detroit.

We have one specialization: Achieving goals.

Our clients come to us with their goals. They need to reach a specific audience. They want to create a unique experience. To establish a sense of value where none currently exists. They need to communicate where their target market is most receptive, using language that resonates.

We call these activities branding, advertising, marketing, and communications. The tools we use in our work, ranging from market research to graphic design to media planning, are well known and available to all. There are clubs, associations, websites, and enough books on marketing and communications to fill a library. Odds are that you've read a few.

You're here, and you're still reading this, because you have a goal and you want to achieve it in the most efficient way possible. That requires strategy, and strategy relies heavily on experience.

This is what we offer to you. If you have your goal and you are ready to accomplish it, we invite you to call us today at 313-647-0000.

Our Work (calling it fun would just be unprofessional, right?)